Moving, Allergies and the Chaos it Causes

So, my running kind of took a bit of a hiatus.

Between moving to a new house, and starting allergy injections to get immune to that which makes me sneezy, wheezy and itchy eyes, my running has definitely suffered.  The last two-three weeks there’s been very little running.  This past weekend I was suppose to run 12 miles, but thanks to a hit on the head that caused me to black out, I wasn’t in much shape for anything let alone running.

Today, I went out for an easy six mile run and it turned into three because of the allergies that are causing me problems.  Legs felt fine, but my lungs were not happy at all with it.  Saturday is my 25k. My goal distance for 2011.  I’ve decided in order to make this happen, I will skip a dosage of the allergy injection so that I’m clear of body and mind when it’s time for that to happen.

I know for a fact I WILL complete the 15.5 miles.  It won’t be a spectacular time, because of my set backs, but it will happen.  I just need to focus on the fact that I’ve killed 10 miles three times before not too long ago, and another 5 miles is nothing!  Especially since I will be doing 5/1s to get it done.

I do need to come up with a game plan for tomorrow, Friday and Saturday for nutrition so that I don’t end up having problems because of that.  Shouldn’t be too hard,  I know how my body reacts to foods and what I need to make it work well.  Then I just need to get my feet moving one in front of the other and I will be flying to my goal.

I just need to remember:

  1. Limits are a fabrication of the mind.
  2. Goals are dreams with a plan.

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