2012 and A New Program

Hey Gang!

I’m still here! I didn’t slack off (too much) since last weekend’s 25k.    Just haven’t had a chance to write, until now.

I’ve been riding the bike more now, as recovery and as prescribe by my new coach.

Saturday I went out to Brazos Bend State Park and road around the alligators for a while.  Unfortunately I broke my pedal, so I couldn’t clip in on the left side anymore, which make things a bit more difficult.  Sunday I had a short crappy run, because of the legs feeling the problems from the bike the day before, and also these allergy shots I’m taking are taking their toll on me as well.

Yesterday was suppose to be a bike, but since Houston kind of flooded out, I thought it was best to not risk it, and after talking with my coach, her and I agreed that a short easy run would be OK instead.  Still trying to keep off my feet as recovery from the 25k.  Today will be a 15 mile bike.  Should be good, it’s been several months since I’ve ridden the road bike.  Looking forward to the speed and agility of it again.

So, I’m just chugging along recovering and working on other things besides running, which is quite nice!

Enjoy your Tuesdays!

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