Training for Changing Goals

For those of you just tuning in.  I’ve been training for a variety of things.  The original flubber2iron has been moved over here and I shall continue to blog about that road as well as other things I find interesting here.

So, today’s entry is about the training.  Back in January, I hired a great coach, and she got my butt whipped into pretty much the best shape of my life so I could go ride 100 miles.  I did indeed ride the Shiner GASP, which was only 96 miles, but still, an accomplishment since that was my longest ride to date.

Shortly after that my coach got really busy, so I figured to be fair to the both of us, I would step back and work on my running.  There is a series of trail races this summer I want to do.  The Captain Karl’s races.  They are a series of 10k, 30k, and 60k.  My original goal was to run all four 60k races.  But, after not being able to train the running as much as I would have needed it was decided I would go with three 30k and one 60k race.  Then because of an injury (pinched nerve in my hip), and sickness, I missed out on three weeks of good training.

This leads to today’s key run.  On the schedule was 10 miles.  My goal was to go out for 5 miles and see what I could beyond that just to get out there.  If I could get in 10 miles, then I would be able to do the three 30ks.  But, today, I only managed 7 miles.  I’m quite happy with the run in general, and have no problem with it.  This just means that I will now be starting the series off with a 10k, two 30k and ending the summer with the 60k.  I’m okay with that.

Life is about making goals and being flexible with changing them as needed because life is always changing.  This is what is happening here.  I will still get my 60k race in this year at this point, and be better trained and stay healthy in the process.  Since it’s all about the end game of Ironman Canada 2013!

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