The Pains of AR Training

Monday, I went to a TXAR Run practice.  First time I’ve done that in a couple of years.  It was about time I went back and said hi and reminded myself just how good those practices really can be!   Well, here it is, two days later and I’m remembering quite well.

On Monday, we did a bunch of rugby field sprints.  We sprinted down the length of the field and back, 6 or 7 times total along with a nice easy jog around the main trails at Memorial Park.  It was a great practice, and really reminded me that I need to work on my speed work more as well.  It felt painful out there running those sprints.  Today, my body is rejecting reality.  Everything hurts, legs, arms, feet, core.  Everything.  All from those sprints on Monday.  It should make for an interesting run tonight!

But with that in mind, I do miss the AR crowd and will be trying to get back into the swing of things with them, now that my training is a bit more flexible towards their workouts, at least for the summer.

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