Kicking It Up A Notch!

So, it’s 14 months until Ironman Canada 2013.  That’s not that long.  I have lots of training to get my butt there in the shape that I want to be.

But, I won’t be doing it alone.  I have teamed up with a new coach to bring me to the start line in crazy amazing shape.  I’ve teamed up with Dave Shaw of Mahalo Racing for this journey.

Last night was our first session where we went over what Dave will have me doing.  The plan, some balance and flexibility stuff, and a lengthy (it felt like!) plank.  From this, he’s going to devise a plan that will rocket me to the finish line at IMCA2013.

Speaking of planks, I’ve decided I’m going to attempt a Plank Streak.  Where I do a plank every day.  Of course, I have to have a catch clause in there, as I know I will forget one day.  So, the rule is if I miss a day, the next day I have to do two planks.  The first being double the length of the last one I did.  The second one, the same length as the last one I did.  So, for example. I already screwed up and missed Wednesday’s plank, so yesterday was a painful 2:20 plank, plus another one, which I did for Dave (not going to waste that one!)  With that said, I’m now on day 9 of said plank streak, with needing to do today’s still.

The other news is I signed up for my first half marathon since 2006.  Sugar Land Half Marathon in January.  Of course, I also signed up for Austin Marathon, two weeks later.  So, lots of running.  But then, that is my weakness so must be worked on, and might as well go into an Ironman with a marathon in my legs at some point.

And that’s about it for now!

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