Remembrance and Teachings of my Father


This post is a little more real than I usually do. But life got very real for me on December 14th…

Thursday, December 13th, I had called my parents to chat with them. Dad was sick still, for a week he was like that. On this day though he couldn’t even talk, but we still talked.

Friday, December 14th, Mom called me. Dad had passed.

One of my mentors, confidants, partner in crime, partner in inventions (that other people come up with and make millions off of 5 years after we came up with!) and best friends is now gone.

He was sick, but only a cold or flu. He went to sleep in his favourite chair so he could sleep sitting up and breathe, only to not wake again at the age of 62.

Whilst he is now gone, he is still teaching me things. Very important things. Like make sure your affairs of estate are in order. He was very meticulous in his book keeping, and so dealing with the after effects of his passing, aren’t as bad as they could be at all. I can’t even imagine what others in this world do, for those who aren’t as organized as my father was.

Another thing I have learned is that laughter continues to trump sadness. When ever we think of him, we can’t help but smile or laugh. His humour was always there in a magical *poof* kind of way (inside joke.) This has definitely helped with the grieving.

Things I remember about him are his calm demeanor. I would be in trouble and he would very calmly talk about it. When in fact you would like him to scream or yell in anger. Not even a raised voice.

When it was time for me to wake up for school, and I wouldn’t (very sound sleeper) he would come in from shoveling snow and put his icy hands on me and jolt me out of bed.

The ten pound chocolate bar I gave him for Christmas one year and the big grin he got when he started to gnaw on the corner of it.

Sitting there watching him type in a program on our brand new TI994a, so that I could play a game. It was a long slow process as he was a two finger seek and hunt typist. Right until his last day, he still typed like that.

Out in the backyard making cat paths in the snow, so that our cats could walk around outside and not get stuck or buried in the deep snow.

Welding in the carport, that was carpeted, and the carpet catching fire. I have never known a person as smart as my dad, but he did have his “dumb” moments as well!

In that same carport, me going to him with my calculus homework, and asking for help. He reads a couple pages and completely remembers how to do this stuff he hadn’t really done in 20 years or so and proceeds to help me out.

Yes, he is now gone physically, but he will always be in my thoughts.


I love you Dad!

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  • Oh Steve, I’m so sorry about your dad. I’m glad you have such wonderful memories of him. What a nice little tribute. Big hugs to you!

  • Thank you for joining the Central Texas Home Brewers forum. I’m Jake and I just had to leave a comment here. I want to give my condolences at the same time sadly say welcome to one of the hardest clubs to be in. I joined the club when I lost my dad back in 1987 when I was only 7 years old. My sister and I were visiting him as my parents were divorced and he was driving us back to my mothers place from Brownwood to Odessa. No one knows for sure, but we think he fell asleep at the wheel and then over corrected the truck. None of us were wearing safety belts and we were all thrown from the vehicle. It was a miracle in itself that my sister and I lived the accident. You never quite get over loosing your dad, or at least I haven’t and it has been 25 years. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not think about him. He will always be with me in my heart and dreams and my memories of him are all that I have left. Cherish your memories of your father. It will take time to learn to cope, but you will learn that the more you talk about him, the more it helps the deep gouging hurt that will reside in you for what seems eternity. If you ever need to talk, please feel free to message me on the forum.

    • Hey Jake. Thanks for your words. It is rough, but can never go a few minutes without thinking about the good times and chuckle. He was always quick to bring about a smile to people, both in life, and now even in his death.

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