Was Jesus the Original Vampire?

If you are super religious, you may not like this and should stop reading now. But if you find humour in all aspects of life, including religion, please continue.

People have been calling Jesus a zombie for years now. Because, he rose from the dead.

You know who else can rise from the dead? Vampires.


2013 — A Year in Review — A Year in Planning — 2014

Wow. It’s been a year since I’ve posted here. And the last post wasn’t all that happy.

But there was much happiness in 2013. The number one item that was good in 2013, I got married to a beautiful, smart and funny woman. There is never a day with out our smile muscles hurting from […]

Remembrance and Teachings of my Father


This post is a little more real than I usually do. But life got very real for me on December 14th…

Thursday, December 13th, I had called my parents to chat with them. Dad was sick still, for a week he was like that. On this day though he couldn’t even talk, but we […]

Race Report!

Just a quickie update for now (I will be updating soon on more things, honest!) about my race this morning…

The 2012 Houston, Turkey Trot

It was a lot of fun!



— Steve

Still Here — Just Taking It Slow

I am still here. Just taking things slow. Back in June I pulled a hamstring. And have been struggling since to train under my new coach. But, on Tuesday we decided that it would be best if we separated for a couple of months so that I can focus solely on getting my hamstring back […]