2013 — A Year in Review — A Year in Planning — 2014

Wow. It’s been a year since I’ve posted here.  And the last post wasn’t all that happy.

But there was much happiness in 2013. The number one item that was good in 2013, I got married to a beautiful, smart and funny woman.  There is never a day with out our smile muscles hurting from the fun and laughter we bring each other.

There was also some bad, like a couple days after the wedding, when Granny ended up in the hospital very very sick, and the same day coming home to find out our house was robbed.

We had trips to Canada and New York, both of which were fantastic, and that trip to New York yielded a car full of beer.

I’ve also taken up brewing beer and mead.  Some people think I’ve jumped off the deep end with it, others think I’ve barely got a toe in the kiddie pool.  Me? I think I’m doing what I want how I want and am happy with it, so it’s all good!

All in all, 2013 was a great year.  Like any year, ups and downs.  But it was a still a great year.

This brings us to this year. 2014.  Resolutions? No.  Plans? Some.  Fun? HELL YES!

This will be the year of FUN! I plan on getting dirty, and finding my roots.  Trails, trails, trails.  Biking and running in the trails are coming back this year as I don’t have any races planned where I need to worry about my clumsy self.  So, that’s the plan.  Lots of fun in the dirt.

There are also some other big things in the works, and as those come up I will come back and talk about them once things are more concrete on them.

Until then.

Merry New Year to all!  Have a Safe and FUN 2014!


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