Still Here — Just Taking It Slow

I am still here.  Just taking things slow.  Back in June I pulled a hamstring.  And have been struggling since to train under my new coach.  But, on Tuesday we decided that it would be best if we separated for a couple of months so that I can focus solely on getting my hamstring back to 100% before trying to continue this quest for Ironman Canada.

Of course, as you may or many not know, there currently isn’t an Ironman Canada.  Penticton decided to make their 140.6 races next year a Challenge Race instead.  Meaning that the long distance triathlon will still happen, it just won’t be labeled an Ironman starting next year.  For many it’s a problem.  They want to be labeled as an Ironman.  While I don’t really care so much about that, as I want to do the course.  It’s my back yard, where I grew up.  Friends and family are all in the area and it’s an awesome area! A great course and I can’t wait to do it, no matter who is running it or what they call it!

I basically need to hurry up (safely and correctly) heal up so I can get my training on!  While I am healing though, I won’t be just lounging around.  I do plan on fixing the problems with stretching, weights and other light workouts to get all imbalances taken care of and flexibility to return and I will be stronger and faster than ever before my coach takes me on again, to make me even more faster!

This time off also gives me time to play around with my nutrition a bit and see what really works for me without having to worry about being sickly and not making a workout.  I am a believer in the Paleo Diet, but have recently stumbled on the Thrive Diet which is a vegetarian/vegan diet that seems quite interesting as well.  I am by no means a vegetarian as I like to eat the tasty tasty flesh of animals.  But, the ideas behind it and helping to eat cleaner with more vegetables is never a bad thing! So, I will be working towards some combination of the two and getting leaner and working on losing the extra body fat.

So, I may not have been too active here… But I am active and actively working at getting more active!

Until next time… Enjoy!

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