Race Report is Up!

In case you have missed it. I have indeed written my frist race report in two years. So give a look at the Shadow Creek Rance Triathlon Race Report and learn from my mistakes!



Recipes are here!

Well, I have finally had a chance to upload my recipe that I created for Sweet Potato Pancakes. I don’t like how it’s laid out here, nor the main recipe page, so I will have to do some thinking and playing on that, but at least I finally got these things up!

And at the […]

More Updates!

So, in an attempt to simplify my life. I have just imported my old blog http://flubber2iron.blogspot.com/ here.

They are all listed bellow in order. I don’t really expect to do much else with them, I might try to archive them off a bit so they don’t clutter up the new site here, but, yes, it’s […]

Races! Races! Races!

I’ve been busily bringing in my race reports. I’m down to just a two or three left. So check under races on the menu up there to check them out!

Or just click HERE!


Currently under construction, but will be hopping real soon!