Massages — Survived!

Today I had my first real massage, ever.  I never wanted to get a real one, because the fake ones of just touching frequently hurt me, and I could only imagine getting a real one that really got into the muscles would hurt like hell!

So, what made me finally do it?  Wednesday night while out trail running, I stubbed my toe, and my right hamstring went TWANG like a guitar string.  Yeah, that hurt.  A lot.  And it was a long hobble back to the truck afterwards, but there was ice cold beer waiting there so that was good!

I had no idea my hamstrings were that tight, I had been stretching, but apparently not my hamstrings.  So, I decided to jump on them and get them taken care of quickly, and got myself in to Kinetic Bodyworks today.  Basically he started off using a belt sander to vibrate my hamstrings numb, and then did a bunch of poking and stretching.  He also worked my quads and calves a bit as they were quite tight as well.

End result, I need more stretching of the hamstrings.   And I have to continue to Rest, Ice and Elevate the hamstring for a while longer to get it healed up.  But, I’m thinking once I am healed up and able to stretch safely and workout, I will be paying them another visit so that I can make sure I keep my msucles in top form as I continue my journey to IMCA2013.

Speaking of, today got registered up for volunteering!  Hopefully they pick the first item I want to do, which is athlete catcher, at the end of the race as they come across the finish, catch them and make sure they are okay, and walk them to where ever they need to go.

I’m very much looking forward to that and being home in August!


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