Race Report is Up!

In case you have missed it.  I have indeed written my frist race report in two years.  So give a look at the Shadow Creek Rance Triathlon Race Report and learn from my mistakes!



Kicking It Up A Notch!

So, it’s 14 months until Ironman Canada 2013.  That’s not that long.  I have lots of training to get my butt there in the shape that I want to be.

But, I won’t be doing it alone.  I have teamed up with a new coach to bring me to the start line in crazy amazing shape.  I’ve teamed up with Dave Shaw of Mahalo Racing for this journey.

Last night was our first session where we went over what Dave will have me doing.  The plan, some balance and flexibility stuff, and a lengthy (it felt like!) plank.  From this, he’s going to devise a plan that will rocket me to the finish line at IMCA2013.

Speaking of planks, I’ve decided I’m going to attempt a Plank Streak.  Where I do a plank every day.  Of course, I have to have a catch clause in there, as I know I will forget one day.  So, the rule is if I miss a day, the next day I have to do two planks.  The first being double the length of the last one I did.  The second one, the same length as the last one I did.  So, for example. I already screwed up and missed Wednesday’s plank, so yesterday was a painful 2:20 plank, plus another one, which I did for Dave (not going to waste that one!)  With that said, I’m now on day 9 of said plank streak, with needing to do today’s still.

The other news is I signed up for my first half marathon since 2006.  Sugar Land Half Marathon in January.  Of course, I also signed up for Austin Marathon, two weeks later.  So, lots of running.  But then, that is my weakness so must be worked on, and might as well go into an Ironman with a marathon in my legs at some point.

And that’s about it for now!

Recipes are here!

Well, I have finally had a chance to upload my recipe that I created for Sweet Potato Pancakes.  I don’t like how it’s laid out here, nor the main recipe page, so I will have to do some thinking and playing on that, but at least I finally got these things up!

And at the end of the week there will be some more news headed here, just need to get some things finalized and I can announce!

Until then….

— Steve

Massages — Survived!

Today I had my first real massage, ever.  I never wanted to get a real one, because the fake ones of just touching frequently hurt me, and I could only imagine getting a real one that really got into the muscles would hurt like hell!

So, what made me finally do it?  Wednesday night while out trail running, I stubbed my toe, and my right hamstring went TWANG like a guitar string.  Yeah, that hurt.  A lot.  And it was a long hobble back to the truck afterwards, but there was ice cold beer waiting there so that was good!

I had no idea my hamstrings were that tight, I had been stretching, but apparently not my hamstrings.  So, I decided to jump on them and get them taken care of quickly, and got myself in to Kinetic Bodyworks today.  Basically he started off using a belt sander to vibrate my hamstrings numb, and then did a bunch of poking and stretching.  He also worked my quads and calves a bit as they were quite tight as well.

End result, I need more stretching of the hamstrings.   And I have to continue to Rest, Ice and Elevate the hamstring for a while longer to get it healed up.  But, I’m thinking once I am healed up and able to stretch safely and workout, I will be paying them another visit so that I can make sure I keep my msucles in top form as I continue my journey to IMCA2013.

Speaking of, today got registered up for volunteering!  Hopefully they pick the first item I want to do, which is athlete catcher, at the end of the race as they come across the finish, catch them and make sure they are okay, and walk them to where ever they need to go.

I’m very much looking forward to that and being home in August!


The Pains of AR Training

Monday, I went to a TXAR Run practice.  First time I’ve done that in a couple of years.  It was about time I went back and said hi and reminded myself just how good those practices really can be!   Well, here it is, two days later and I’m remembering quite well.

On Monday, we did a bunch of rugby field sprints.  We sprinted down the length of the field and back, 6 or 7 times total along with a nice easy jog around the main trails at Memorial Park.  It was a great practice, and really reminded me that I need to work on my speed work more as well.  It felt painful out there running those sprints.  Today, my body is rejecting reality.  Everything hurts, legs, arms, feet, core.  Everything.  All from those sprints on Monday.  It should make for an interesting run tonight!

But with that in mind, I do miss the AR crowd and will be trying to get back into the swing of things with them, now that my training is a bit more flexible towards their workouts, at least for the summer.